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Self-care is tough. Even tougher on days when you don’t have the energy to complete the most basic tasks. 

The world we live in teaches us to constantly hustle and work until we eventually reach our breaking point. Given this competitive environment, where the one who sleeps the least and stresses the most is continuously appreciated, it becomes even harder for us to grasp the concept of self-care.

So what’s the solution? How do you figure out what self-care means to you and take actionable steps toward it? How do you find a way to live a healthy and balanced life?

Introducing the Mental Health Self-Care Worksheet, your companion in figuring out what self-care means to you and how to achieve your self-care goals.

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Product Description

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What is the Mental Health Self-Care Worksheet?

The mental health self-care worksheet is a practical-approach-based tool meant to help you:

  • identify signs of burn-out and emotional exhaustion, 
  • learn the meaning of self-care, and 
  • devise easy and approachable steps toward achieving your self-care goals.

With an easy and straightforward question-answer-based approach, you can create achievable self-care goals and build a healthier lifestyle.

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What can the Worksheet do?

The mental health self-care worksheet will remind you each day that self-care is much more than just retail therapy, vacations, or spa days. 

Hint: The “self-care is about making yourself feel good” idea that you see on social media is a complete myth!

Unlike many other apps available out there, Mental Health Self Care Worksheet is designed to help you reflect upon your lifestyle and figure out how you can keep your mental health on track amidst your busy schedule…

No matter if you’re a procrastinator or an emotionally exhausted person with a pinch of pessimism, you’ll start enjoying the best time of your life both mentally and physically – while watching every aspect of your life automatically elevate in response.


Key Features

The worksheet is designed to be both easy to follow and instantly transformational.

At the end of the worksheet, you will:

Create a self-care routine

Using the self-care worksheet, you can build an effective self-care regimen that works for you – for life.

Have a calmer mind

When you have a concrete and planned self-care routine, you tend to have a more relaxed mind.

Attain self-satisfaction

An essential part of figuring out your self-care regime using the mental health self-care worksheet is finding your life’s satisfaction. When you learn to find happiness in small and regular things, you are able to find fulfillment in everything you do.

Have productive days

When you have a relaxed and calm mindset, you are able to achieve much more than before. Your productivity at regular tasks shoots up as you are able to dedicate the time that was previously lost to work.

Guide to using the product

The mental health self-care worksheet is a comprehensive questions package that will guide you through the journey of realizing your self-care needs and identifying activities that make you feel happy and fulfilled. You can use this worksheet as a starting point for your self-care conversation.

It is essentially helpful in structuring or re-structuring your views on self-care, exploring different ideas, and identifying your goals. You can use the worksheet on your digital device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) or take a printout and fill it out. There are multiple ways of using the product. But in order to reap the maximum benefits, here’s the perfect way to use the mental health self-care worksheet.

1. Choose a time when you are calm and relaxed

When you sit to fill in the self-care worksheet, make sure it is at a time when you are completely relaxed and away from distractions (think of notifications, work commitments, etc.).
Drink enough water and start with an open mind.

2. Be honest and thorough while writing down the details

While analyzing and feeding in details about your day into the self-care worksheet, try to be as honest and thorough as possible. Take your own time remembering how you exactly felt during the day and what caused those feelings.
Sometimes you might feel a push to only record positive emotions and leave the negative ones out. However, please don’t give in to these ideas, as they can disrupt the accuracy and quality of your results.

3. Use the details you entered and the thoughts you encountered to create a self-care plan

The final step of the process is to use the worksheet’s information to decipher a perfect self-care plan for yourself. Once you have decided on your goals, choose to begin the journey toward achieving them with small actionable steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the mental health self-care worksheet help me?

The mental health self-care worksheet can help you:

  • identify signs of burn-out and emotional exhaustion, 
  • learn the meaning of self-care, and 
  • devise easy and approachable steps toward achieving your self-care goals.
Can I share my digital product with other family members?

All our products come with a single-use license only. If someone in your family needs the product, we would respectfully request you to refer them to the Your Mental Health Pal shop. Our products are made with much love and care and have financial and time implications. Therefore, we would really appreciate your cooperation and support as we try to spread awareness regarding mental health issues and help more people.

Where can I print my mental health self-care worksheet?

You can print the anxiety mood tracker in any printer your find. We recommend setting the printer to the highest quality and using the best paper possible. If you have any printing issues, please get in touch with us using We are not responsible for any problems that occur in your printing process. But your experience and well-being are important to us. And that is why we will try to advise you the best we can.

How can I use the mental health self-care worksheet?

Fill in the mental health self-care worksheet with a calm and open mind. Choose a time that is relatively free of distractions such as phone notifications, work commitments, etc. Choose to be honest about positive and negative emotions and thoughts to maximize the outcomes.

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  1. Serena

    This self-care worksheet is great. It has every feature described on the website. I loved it.

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