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Living a life with anxiety is challenging. The sudden anger, lack of patience, and constant worry can overpower our happy moments. 

Wondering what anxiety is?

Anxiety is that thought in your head that constantly tells you to panic because something is about to go wrong. It is in the inaccurate conclusion you draw out of nothing. Anxiety is uncontrollable mood swings that fluctuate at a speed faster than light.

The best way to fight anxiety is to be aware of how it affects you. Recognizing your triggers and identifying how they affect your anxiety and mood are the keys to dealing with anxiety the right way.

But how?

How do you keep track of your moods, identify your triggers, and deduce effective conclusions?

Introducing – The Anxiety Mood Tracker, your companion to perfectly track your anxiety and stay mindful of your feelings and triggers throughout the day. Step up to a life of extraordinary calmness by tracking your anxiety that reprograms your mind and body for freedom from stress!

Say YES to your Calmer Self Today!

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Product Description

Anxiety Mood Tracker

What is the anxiety mood tracker?

Anxiety Mood Tracking Worksheet is a thorough exploration that leads you to self-discovery, self-liberation, and the most important relationship you’ll ever have. It is a practical tool to help you stay aware of how your anxiety is affecting your day.

How can the anxiety mood tracker help you?

For 15 minutes a day over 31 days, this worksheet will guide you through a unique process to identify your external and internal triggers that cause mood changes​

The tracker is designed in a way that it spots your mood patterns and better understands your mood shifts.

It is made to help you shed your anxious side and identify your inner peace, and nurture your relationship with yourself.

Until the end of 31 days, you will be your most authentic and carefree self and live life on your own terms​


Key Features

Track your daily moods

Monitor your daily moods. Have a zoomed-out approach of “how did you feel today” or “this week.” Find a pattern that will help you better identify your normal thoughts and emotions and times of heightened anxiety.

Keep a check on your anxiety

Find out how much your anxiety has been affecting your daily life. When you can identify the causes and effects, you are better equipped to find solutions.

Plan effective ways to deal with your anxiety

Find practical solutions to your anxiety issues and incorporate healthier lifestyle changes. Learn how to work, live, play, and achieve a work-life balance.

Recognize patterns and triggers

Decipher the triggers that lead to stressful and anxious situations. Similarly, find things that stimulate you to your happiest moments.

Guide to using the product

1. Fill out the tracker daily at the end of your day

The perfect time to fill in the information regarding the day gone by is at the very end. That way, you have complete information about your day and what you did. You also have all this knowledge fresh in your mind, so there are fewer chances of missing an important detail.

2. Be honest and thorough while writing down the details

While analyzing and feeding in details about your day into the mood-tracking worksheet, try to be as honest and thorough as you can. Take your own time remembering how you exactly felt during the day and what caused those feelings.
Sometimes you might feel a push to only record positive emotions and leave the negative ones out. However, please don’t give in to these ideas as they can disrupt the accuracy and quality of your results.

3. Analyze your moods and capture patterns

Once you have started filling in the tracker religiously every day, try to analyze it after a few days and spot any patterns you can. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your anxiety mood tracker if I have frequent anxiety issues?

Our product will be a great help for anyone dealing with anxiety since it allows you to track your emotions and trigger points. However, this product is NOT a substitute for professional help. Therefore, if you feel that your anxiety is uncontrollable or you are going through a situation of emergency, kindly contact your health care provider or a therapist.

Can I share my digital product with other family members?

All our products come with a single-use license only. If someone in your family needs the product, we would respectfully request you to refer them to the Your Mental Health Pal shop. Our products are made with much love and care and have financial and time implications. Therefore, we would really appreciate your co-operation and support as we try to spread awareness regarding mental health issues and help more people.

Where can I print my anxiety mood tracker?

You can print the anxiety mood tracker in any printer your find. We recommend setting the printer to the highest quality and using the best paper possible. If you have any printing issues, please get in touch with us using We are not responsible for any problems that occur in your printing process. But your experience and well-being are important to us. And that is why we will try to advise you the best we can.

How can I use the anxiety mood tracker?

You can use the anxiety mood tracking worksheet on your digital device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) or take a printout and fill it out. At the end of each day, reflect on your day and fill in the details honestly. Finally, after a few days, you will hopefully be able to analyze your emotions and find a pattern.

Download Policy

This is a digital product. Therefore, no offline copies will be delivered to you. Instant delivery is available. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with the product file attached to it.

Refund Policy

Given the digital nature of our products, all purchases are final. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any kinds of refunds, cancellations, or exchanges.
Read all product-related information thoroughly from the page. However, in case you have a problem with the orders, mail us at
We will be happy to help you.

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  1. Smith

    I bought the anxiety mood tracker to keep the record of when I get anxious. And I am glad that I bought it, because this anxiety tracker helps me full day because I can keep it with myself. The design and layout is easy to understand and creative.

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